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Gas Processing Plant (EPC) at Halfaya Oilfield, Iraq
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Investment Mode
Industry  electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply
Location Asia
Project Advantages
Project validity period a year
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Estimated Investment
Total amount of project capitals 11600 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Total amount of investment to be attracted 11600 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
Expected annual sales revenue  Ten thousand yuan(RMB)
Expected investment payback period  Year
Expected employment figure People
Project description
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Description of investor conditions
Description of project contents
Project: Gas Processing Plant (EPC) at Halfaya Oilfield, Iraq Project information: Industry: energy Field: natural gas Estimated total investment: 800 million yuan Investment nature: foreign capital Availability of investment: available Project construction level: medium Estimated time of commencement: November or December 2019 Estimated time of completion: 2020 Province: overseas Prefecture-level City: Iraq Source of equipment: overseas procurement Stage: construction preparation Opportunity description: Key equipment: high-pressure gas cylinder skid-mounted truck, fermentation tank, steel cylinder, natural gas engine, compressor, filter, skid-mounted pressure regulator, pressure regulator, gauge, regulator box, dryer, drain pipe, spherical tank … Project information: Gas Processing Plant (EPC) at Halfaya Oilfield, Iraq 1. Location: Iraq. 2. Description: With a designed annual output of 3 billion cubic meters, designed in accordance with international standards, the project involves gas collection units, sulfur recovery units, tail gas treatment units and other units, the auxiliary system and the utility system. 3. Total investment: 800 million yuan. Contact Information Consultant: Mr. Zhou Mobile: 13037310108 E-mail:
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