Project Description
Type of Investment Intention Overseas InvestmentDomestic InvestmentForeign Investment in China *
Name of Investment Intention  *
Location of Investment Intention  *
Investment Mode not limitedjoint venturecooperationwholly-ownedtechnology transfercompensation trade (buyback)merger and acquisitionBOTPPPOther *
Type of Investment Equity investment projectsDebt investment projectsGreenfield investment projectsAsset trading projectsFinance leasing projectsOther projects *
Industry  *
    Introduction of Company/Organisation    * 2000 letters
    Validity of Investment Intention
    Six monthsa YearYear and a halfTwo years *
    Estimated Investment  Ten thousand U.S. dollars 
    Introduction of Products     2000 letters
    Investment Intention Description
        * 4000 letters
    Requirement for Partnership   2000 letters Must Be Project Units with Same Industry Background
    Project Proposal
    Note   2000  letters

    Contact of Project


    Company/Organisation Name  *
    Contact Person  *
    Phone  *
    EMAIL  *
    Zip Code
    Project No.
    Issue Date
    Mark generakey
    Project Progress
    Investment volume